Loving Wide Open at The End of an Era

Her Days Are Numbered. That's Why We Make Them COUNT.

Month: October, 2012

Day 24

Love and Spaghetti

Day 23

It’s the Rainbow Bridge, or Bust, Bitches!

I mean, if we gotta go, we’re going in style. 

Day 20

i overheard someone at the coffee shop

say that cold was brewing

strong winds forecasted

i zoomed home to fetch my loves

headed down 64

over the gorge bridge

toward a ranch full of ghosts

where Georgia O’keefe

paints the mountains


along the blue horizon,

I snapped bits of golden leaves

and cloud-shrouded rivers

into the shutter of my mind

what i couldn’t fit

i stuffed into my camera

i felt like a thief

stealing beauty

stowing memories

pack-ratting souvenirs of love


we were here.

we were a family.

we belonged.

we still do.


Day 18

It’s the little moments. Everyone always says so. And not until we slow down willingly (or life forces our hand) do we realize the wisdom of the moment. The Here and Nowness of it all. The joy of being.

I had a total breakdown two nights ago, as I went to give Izzy a new medication, knowing this was/is one of our final steps in keeping her comfortable. Other than the coughing, you would never know she’s sick. It’s business as usual…running in the park. Going for rides. Eating dinner and asking for treats. Then the cough stops her in her tracks and my heart bleeds from my chest. Moments.

Moments past. Moments remaining. Moments now.

Like this one. The sound of golden leaves underfoot. Leaves crunching. Trees sighing. Children laughing. Lovers kissing, holding hands, paws wrapped ’round their hearts like twine.

DAY 16

Izzy (with the help of our truck Moxie) reminds me that the power lies in keeping the heart Sunny Side Up! Not always an easy thing to do, but always just one choice away.


Day 14

Magic. It’s around us all the time.
In the warm, brown adoring eyes
of a furry soul companion
with the wind in her hair
in the yellow golden fiery eyes
of autumn leaves as they
sail to the ground
in the grey-blue smoldering eyes
on the cheeks of a raincloud
watching you drive by…
Magic. It’s everywhere you choose to see it.

Day 11

It aint over til the fat lady sings.

We can hear her yoddling in the next room, but for now?

This playground circus called LIFE is open for business!

My view from the seesaw…

Dream on, Little Dreamer

How many of us live with priceless moments that no one is there to witness but us? Ordinary moments. Golden. I could not let this one pass. It’s Izzy and me this morning at the coffee shop. As I was working on a chapter of her book, she was being courted by the Sand Man.

As her eyelids drooped heavier, all I could hear in my head was Mary Poppins.

And just like that, I was seven years old, slipping under the covers to dream of sidewalk chalk drawings and carousel horses that ride through the park.

Thank you, Izzy, for remembering my dreams.


Day 6

The day dawns bright blue with silver edges. The cottonwood trees scatter their yellow leaves all over the ground like a leafy road leading to the Emerald City. The air smells of apples and sunshine. There’s nothing for it, today MUST be seized in our clutches and captured in heart, mind and film. We hit the roads of Taos to explore the beauty of Autumn, tourists in our own town. And my heart bursts wide open. Not from sadness. Not from the temporariness of it all. But from beauty. So much beauty I explode into a thousand pieces of happy.

Ready for adventure!

The sunlight breaks me open

Day 4 – Let’s Dance!

Her heart’s a survivor. Our love’s a survivor. Joy, connection, soul, essence…all survive, even when we’re gone. That’s worth a dance of celebration!