Day 1

by angisullins

It’s Day One, not because today is the day we found out Izzy has congenital heart failure, but because today we visited the cardiologist and she told us most doggies would have died by now. “The average small dog with this disease lives nine months, and Izzy has already passed that mark.” So we are counting the days she defies the odds. She’s a champ and instead of counting her out, we’re counting the glorious days her heart continues to pump her love into our lives.

We’re counting walks in the park
licks on the nose
rides with the windows down
shared naps and snoring dreams.
And sighs. Lots and lots of sighs.

We’re counting love, one heartbeat at a time.
Breath in. Breath out.
Together. Still. Together.

In the parking lot of the cardiologist. Let’s get on with this ride called Life.