Day 18

by angisullins

It’s the little moments. Everyone always says so. And not until we slow down willingly (or life forces our hand) do we realize the wisdom of the moment. The Here and Nowness of it all. The joy of being.

I had a total breakdown two nights ago, as I went to give Izzy a new medication, knowing this was/is one of our final steps in keeping her comfortable. Other than the coughing, you would never know she’s sick. It’s business as usual…running in the park. Going for rides. Eating dinner and asking for treats. Then the cough stops her in her tracks and my heart bleeds from my chest. Moments.

Moments past. Moments remaining. Moments now.

Like this one. The sound of golden leaves underfoot. Leaves crunching. Trees sighing. Children laughing. Lovers kissing, holding hands, paws wrapped ’round their hearts like twine.