Day 52

by angisullins


i’m behind the wheel
driving into red rocks
and cliff-dwelling sunsets
giving thanks
for days shared
for laughter
for loud music and red wine
for healing threads on
a woven tapestry of memories
the car is crammed
with people i love
black eyed peas
thumping our seats
imma be imma be
i’m i’m imma be
izzy rides in my lap
windows down
as the scent of ghosts
and sage and wild horses
rustle her mane
whiskers twirling
we race into
the horizon
turkey and gravy
and cranberry salsa
await us
just beyond the horizon
and i give thanks
that wherever we are
whenever we are
today tomorrow eternity
we are together
in the timeless expanse
of the heart
imma be
imma be
imma be
in love
with you

and the soundtrack: